Thursday, November 6, 2014

Thoughts In A Minor

You Are Everything,
The Thought of Your Existence Is Why The Blue Jay Sing.
Words From Your Mouth Awakens The Soul From Within,
To Be In Your Presence Is Such A Wonderful Thing.
Your Smile Is Like The Beauty Of Sunrise.
The Winter Birds Can't Wait To Hit Florida's Highs.
Just The Touch Causes The Water To Ripple,
Rimming Over Until It Tipples.
Pure Strength Is The Image I See.
Personal Time Spent Conversations
Invigorates Me.
Hungry For The Knowledge From Within I Eagerly Listen,
Accepting The Challenge And Supporting The Fixings.
Eager To See The Unfolding Of Life In The Now,
I Am Grateful That You're Wanting To Show Me How.
There Is No Greater Feeling,
Then Source Energy In The Midst Of Our Meeting.
Arise Strong One And Take Your Rightful Place,
Look Behind You There's Nobody Stopping You, You Won The Race.
Close Your Eyes and Open Your Ears.
Hear The Beautiful Music Of Life.
That's An Ah Moment.

Kids in a Novelty Store

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Finding Your First Love At 35

We all want to fall in love and there is no age limit to when this can happen for you. So even if you find your first true love at the late age of thirty five, there is nothing wrong with that. Relationships take time to form and sometimes people take longer than others to find their first real relationship.

There is nothing wrong with finding your true love at the age of thirty five. You will be older but wiser. Due to the fact that you are wiser you know exactly what you want and you may even know how to go about getting it. Finding your first love at this age you will be more ready to have a relationship and settle down with someone for the rest of your life.

When you are younger and you begin having feelings for someone it could build into something or it could fizzle out. However, you will never know until you try to have a fling with someone, and that is exactly what it is a fling. You are not ready at a young age to have your first love because you are looking for a fling and you will not be ready to settle down. When you are young you still want to do things with your life such as travel, go sky diving, etc. You could really care less about anyone but, yourself so you will not have time to have someone in your life that you truly care about. If you fall in love when you are young, you could possible run from it because you do not want someone to stand in your way while you do crazy and fun things.

However, when you are thirty five you have lived through your wild days and are very prepared to settle down with someone you love, and begin a true and real relationship that will last the rest of your life. Just because you are thirty five does not mean you cannot find true love, it is possible that you waited just long enough to find the right person for you.

Stop looking all over the place for love and let it find you because at this age you are done looking and searching you are ready for that one true person to find you. And when they do find you, you will be in love for the rest of your life.