Tuesday, November 16, 2010

From The Heart

Sometimes people do things for other people, but they didn't really meant it from the heart. They do it to be seen by others.

Some people say they're helping you out, but they just be wanting to get in your business. Nosey people, that's not from the heart.

Then there's the other people who are being used by GOD to bless a person, but they don't even know what's going here, that's why you see some people do things for you, but they be complaining. Again it's not from the heart.

Check this out  when you're in tone with GOD he gives you the instructions for your every day living, you will know how to obey his orders because your in sync with him, you know like he's ordering your every move. When they do something for someone, they already know that GOD will bless them in this LIFE, with good health,  happiness and long live. So those people don't look for rewards from anyone, because "whatever GOD have for you no-one can take away". People like that you could feel their spirit before they even speak to you.  Always be mindful to your neighbors because you never know where you would end up, always do things from the heart.