Thursday, November 6, 2014

Thoughts In A Minor

You Are Everything,
The Thought of Your Existence Is Why The Blue Jay Sing.
Words From Your Mouth Awakens The Soul From Within,
To Be In Your Presence Is Such A Wonderful Thing.
Your Smile Is Like The Beauty Of Sunrise.
The Winter Birds Can't Wait To Hit Florida's Highs.
Just The Touch Causes The Water To Ripple,
Rimming Over Until It Tipples.
Pure Strength Is The Image I See.
Personal Time Spent Conversations
Invigorates Me.
Hungry For The Knowledge From Within I Eagerly Listen,
Accepting The Challenge And Supporting The Fixings.
Eager To See The Unfolding Of Life In The Now,
I Am Grateful That You're Wanting To Show Me How.
There Is No Greater Feeling,
Then Source Energy In The Midst Of Our Meeting.
Arise Strong One And Take Your Rightful Place,
Look Behind You There's Nobody Stopping You, You Won The Race.
Close Your Eyes and Open Your Ears.
Hear The Beautiful Music Of Life.
That's An Ah Moment.

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